Paul Millefolie, Founder

About me

I believe in the value of work and in the dignity it provides. When we combine work and purpose, we can create an environment that promotes gratitude, selflessness, and acts that impact others, not just ourselves.

My background is 30 years in the technology space building custom software, websites and apps of all kinds for businesses large and small. That's what I's what I can do...but it's not why I founded SchoolBusHero. I founded to lend my talents to an important industry that serves families across our country. I want to call attention work of school bus drivers, attendants and companies that put safe, child transportation atop their priorty list.

I grew up around work

I was raised in a middle class family in New England, one of nine siblings. My mother was a homemaker and worked part-time outside of hour home. My father was a master carpenter, creating spacs and storage for families, improving their lives with every project. I didn't inherit my father's abilities, but I was inspired by his craftsmanship and the positive impact he made in the lives of others.

While I'm not carrying on the family tradition in carpentery, I am carrying on the values instilled in me and those I witnessed watching my parents, and the value of their work.


Our Purpose:

Our purpose is simple: to bridge the gap between those seeking employment in school bus transportation and the organizations looking to hire dedicated drivers. We believe that school bus drivers are unsung heroes, contributing significantly to our communities by ensuring the safe transportation of students to and from school.

Join Us:

Whether you're an operator looking to expand your team or an individual considering a career as a school bus driver, is here to support you. Explore our resources, learn more about the industry, and connect with organizations looking for drivers.

Join us on this journey to celebrate the vital work of school bus drivers and to make it easier for operators and drivers to find the perfect match. Together, let's make a difference in school bus transportation!

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