About School Bus Hero

School Bus Hero was designed from the ground up to help connect employers and the workforce. Whether you are a seasoned veteran in the field or looking to try something new, School Bus Hero is for you. Easily create an account, follow companies, search job postings and more. And for employers, School Bus Hero makes it easier than ever to connect with prospective employees and grow your business. Reach out directly to interested parties, get your name out there and be seen by those in the industry.

School Bus Hero is built and designed by Tradecrews LLC.

About Tradecrews

Son of an immigrant carpenter, Founder and CEO Paul Millefolie understood the too-often underappreciated role that tradesmen served in today’s world. He wanted to create a website that helped new and existing workers find employment and to make it simpler for companies to expand and hire new workers. The result is Tradecrews.

Tradecrews allows individuals, businesses and schools to create profiles, upload their skills, jobs and courses and find connections. For anyone in the industry, Tradecrews is an invaluable tool to grow, expand and discover.

In looking to help other industries beyond the trades, Tradecrews now also builds custom platforms Like School Bus Hero to provide that same level of service and connection in their main site. If you are looking to create your own custom portal site like these, we’d love to speak with you. You can email us at paul@tradecrews.com